Holiday Management – Wendy knows all there is to know when it comes to Copacabana having been a long term resident for over 40 years. Wendy joined the holiday letting department in 2005 and enjoys being able to co-ordinate people’s holidays with the help of her local knowledge.

Along with Pip, Lisa, Kellie and Helen, Wendy deals with booking’s both on the phone and online, organising deposits and processing payments. Happy and easy-going with a positive approach to her work, Wendy believes real estate transactions should be based on openness and honesty. “When renting out a property, it is critical that a landlord has confidence in the integrity of their agent.”

An investment property owner herself with a strong commitment to the community, Wendy is an active member of the Copacabana Surf Club. Family activities occupy most of Wendy’s leisure time but she manages to find time for her favorite pursuits: caravaning, reading and ball room dancing.