GEORGE BRAND REAL ESTATE – Terms and Conditions of Holiday Letting:

    1. The premises are let for holiday accommodation purposes only. All bookings are made for the dates as shown on the response email/letter/receipt and are taken in good faith by George Brand Real Estate (‘GBRE’) however; bookings may be subject to change prior to the commencement of the booking. All advance deposits are accepted on behalf of the current owner of the premises and GBRE will not accept responsibility for any decision, action or arrangement of the current or a new owner of the premises, including but not limited to, the sale of the property, withdrawal from rental, the property being rendered uninhabitable, a change in the accommodation fee or the alteration of the property in any way prior to your occupation. GBRE reserves the right to cancel any booking should anything arise, which in GBREs’ opinion renders the booking impractical, including misrepresentation of the booking by the guest. GBRE will attempt to notify you as soon as possible and to use their reasonable endeavours to arrange alternative accommodation or dates suitable to you, failing which all deposit monies paid will be refunded, but no other claim, right, action or demand shall exist in or be made by either party.
    2. The premises should be available after 2.00pm on the day of your arrival and are to be vacated by 10.00am on the day of your departure, unless prior arrangements have been made and a late checkout fee paid.
    3. In accordance with health authority regulations, dogs and pets are not allowed under any circumstances, unless specified and approved by GBRE in writing. Smoking is not permitted in the property.
    4. All premises are fully equipped with the exception of linen, which is not provided unless specified (e.g. sheets, pillow cases, towels, bath mats, tea towels, tablecloths etc). Linen is available for hire from Avoca Beach Launderette on 4382 3882.
    5. The maximum number of persons (including children) permitted to occupy the premises shall not exceed the number of beds at the property. Overcrowding and extra guests are not allowed.
    6. GBRE will only confirm a tentative booking where the payments have been made in accordance with the following plus a $50 booking fee:
      1. Christmas Holiday Booking – $200.00 to hold booking payable immediately (non-refundable). 50% of tariff due 15th July. Balance of tariff due 1st December.
      2. Easter Holiday Booking – $200.00 to hold booking payable immediately (non-refundable). 50% of tariff due 30th October. Balance of tariff due 1st March.
      3. October School Holiday Booking – $200.00 to hold booking payable immediately (non-refundable). 50% of tariff due 1st July. Balance of tariff due 1st September.
      4. Weekend Booking – 100% of tariff payable immediately
      5. Other Periods – 50% of tariff payable immediately. Balance of tariff due 2 week prior to arrival.
      6. Other payment conditions apply to certain properties (you will be advised if this applies to your booking).
    7. Payments can be made by internet or bank transfer, cheque, money order or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only). NB: A surcharge of 1.5% of any amount paid by credit card will apply.
    8. As advance rents are accounted to the owner of the property upon receipt, cancellations are refunded only when the premises are fully re-let for the same period at the same or greater rent. All cancellations must be in writing/email and are subject to a $200 cancellation/handling fee. The booking fee is also non-refundable. No refund of any unused portion of a confirmed holiday booking will be made. Travel insurance is recommended particularly for high-cost bookings. Current Covid 19 Cancellation Policy – With the current crisis in mind the only exception to this will be if the Federal or State Governments impose restrictions banning domestic and/or regional/non essential travel in place at the time of your arrival and therefore directly affecting your booking. Your booking may be moved to a new date within 12 months of the original arrival date. Any increase in tariff for the new dates will need to be paid where applicable.
    9. Security Deposit (Bond): You will be advised at the time of booking, the bond applicable to your booking. A minimum signed credit card imprint of $1,000 is required at check in for some properties while other properties require a minimum credit card authorisation of $1,000. GBRE reserves the right to change the bond required at anytime. Unless otherwise agreed prior to arrival, GBRE requires the organization of all bonds to be by credit card.

If a guest, or any person present in the premises with a guest’s permission breaches any of these Terms and Conditions of Letting, GBRE is authorized, to claim the full amount of the bond and you will have no claim against GBRE in respect of GBRE doing so. Where the value of the loss or damage caused by the breach of these Terms and Conditions of Letting exceeds the value of the bond, GBRE, in addition to any other rights GBRE or the owner of the premises may have at law or in equity, has the right to recover from the guest any costs incurred as a result of the breach. An additional fee of $22 will be charged if a bond claim is required to be processed. GBRE will arrange for the refund of bonds after the property has been vacated as soon as possibly unless a problem is encountered.

  1. Keys are to be collected from GBRE’s office during business hours, being 8.30am-5pm daily (excluding some public holidays). On arrival guests will be required to sign the Guest Registration Form and in some cases may be required to provide ID. If you intend to arrive after hours, please notify the office so alternate arrangements can be made (after hours check–ins incur a fee of $25.00 as a representative of GBRE will meet you at the property).
  2. If on arrival by a guest the premises are unclean, or it comes to the attention of the guest that the premises have been damaged, the guest must promptly notify GBRE and allow GBRE, or its agents, contractors or employees access to the premises for the purposes of inspection or repair.
  3. GBRE and the owner of the premises are not responsible for, and guests hereby release them from any liability in respect of, any injury, debt, damage, loss, cost, delay, expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events beyond GBRE or the owner’s control.
  4. No responsibility is taken for guests’ personal property left in, on or near the premises. Doors and windows at the premises should be secured at ALL times. It is recommended that guests take out personal property insurance. A fee of $20.00 plus postage costs will be payable if GBRE staff are required to collect/return items left by guests. Lost property is only held for 7 days.
  5. All accommodation is for residential purposes only. Functions, parties and extra guests are strictly not allowed and PENALTIES APPLY. Any type of function, party or get-together will incur a MINIMUM non-negotiable function fee of $500 and immediate eviction will occur without refund for any unused stay. In addition GBRE will be entitled to claim the bond where any cleaning is required or damage results to the premises.
  6. If it is brought to the attention of GBRE that the booking is one of a “Schoolies” or “Buck’s party” nature GBRE has the right to cancel the booking immediately and the full amount of the accommodation will not be refunded. GBRE will also evict all persons from the property immediately. In addition GBRE will be entitled to claim the bond where any cleaning is required or damage results to the premises.
  7. Occupation of premises which, GBRE deems has caused nuisance or annoyance to neighbouring or adjoining occupiers will be terminated immediately and the full bond forfeited and any costs incurred following misuse of the premises will be payable by the guest or charged against the credit card tendered.
  8. Premises are furnished to the individual property owner’s taste and style and GBRE takes no responsibility for any unmet expectations of guests, or any changes made by the owner to the décor, furnishings and equipment in the premises.
  9. Any repairs, maintenance or service reported and requested by guests to be effected to the premises or any equipment provided at the premises, and/or deemed necessary by GBRE, will be effected as soon as practicable, however no recompense will be negotiated due to the failure of any services, equipment or other contents provided at the premises. Guests are required to allow repair and or service personnel to enter the premises during reasonable hours by arrangement (and at any time in an emergency) for the purpose of conducting any repairs, maintenance or service. Guests requesting a service call which is subsequently found not to be required will be charged the applicable service call-out fee.
  10. In the event of the premises being offered for sale, you may be required to allow prospective purchasers to view the premises at reasonable times by appointment.
  11. In the case of apartments, units and villas – car parking or carports are usually numbered. Extra vehicles, boats, etc., are to be parked outside the grounds, or other satisfactory arrangements made with GBRE.
  12. The guest will be responsible for damage to the property or premises or loss of or damage to any items at the property, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, floors and floor coverings, furniture and fittings, kitchen utensils, crockery, glassware, cutlery and the guest will pay to the agent, GBRE, the full cost of replacement or repair of any such items damaged or lost. All damage, breakages and losses are to be reported to GBRE immediately. All furniture and equipment must be left in the premises as originally found ie: furniture should not be moved. Umbrellas should not be left up, when not in use during occupancy please lower them as strong winds can cause damage. You will be responsible for any such damage.
  13. Guests will be responsible for costs incurred for retuning TV/VCR/DVDs which have been detuned by guests or by the attachment of electronic devices, play stations etc.
  14. Guests are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of accommodation keys/remote controls. Guests requiring a key from a GBRE representative after office hours will be charged a minimum service fee of $50.
  15. If guests do not leave the premises neat and tidy GBRE will charge the guest an additional minimum cleaning fee of $50. All food and beverage items must be removed from the refrigerator. Any spillages, fridge and kitchen benches must be wiped, dishes washed, dried and put away clean, BBQ cleaned, lights, fans and air conditioning turned off and all garbage placed in the appropriate garbage bin. All items including furniture, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils must be returned to their original positions.
  16. The property must be vacated on time (penalty fees apply for late check-out without arrangement) and secured with windows & doors locked. All keys and remotes must be returned to GBRE’s office immediately after vacation of the premises. The guest acknowledges and agrees GBRE is not required to undertake an inspection of the property in the presence of the guest on vacation of the property.
  17. The garbage and recycle bins will be collected Thursday night in Avoca Beach, North Avoca, Terrigal, Wamberal and Forresters Beach and Sunday night in Copacabana and MacMasters Beach. Occupying guests must put the bins on the kerbside with handle facing the property. Excess garbage, bottles and boxes or incorrectly filled bins will not be collected by Council and must be removed and disposed of by guests, or arrangements made with GBRE and a minimum fee of $90 paid.
  18. Re-bookings must be made with the office during a guest’s stay. Re-bookings will not be taken on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays during school holiday periods. Guests have the first option to rebook the premises for the same dates the following year. Re-bookings can only be accepted when the previous occupancy has been satisfactory.
  19. All rentals are subject to increase without notice, especially in the case of the premises being upgraded or renovated and on instructions from the owner, and in respect of genuinely misquoted accommodation fees. Guests will be given the opportunity to pay the increase or obtain a full refund of the deposit paid.
  20. In the event of any renovation/building work being carried out near the holiday premises, such work is beyond the control of GBRE and the owner and GBRE cannot accept responsibility for any disturbance, noise or inconvenience guests may suffer as a result. No discount will be negotiated in these circumstances.
  21. Any printed, written or verbal description of the premises or position by GBRE or an employee of GBRE is made in good faith and to the best of our knowledge; however no responsibility for misdescription, errors or omissions will be accepted. All courtesy will be given on genuine dissatisfaction. Any information or terms and conditions contained in holiday brochures or related websites are subject to alteration without notice, and to the extent of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions prevail.